Constellation Audio offers high end audio solutions for a ride range of audiophiles out there. Although we have not found a speaker that does not pair well with Constellation line, Constellation continues to win ‘Best of Show’ awards when paired with the likes of Magico speakers, Wilson Audio speakers, and Martin Logan speakers. Get in touch with us to set up an appointment to listen to Constellation products now!

From our friends at Constellation Audio:

The core of Constellation Audio resides not in any one person or in any particular technology. It rests in the values that inspired us to found this company.

We built Constellation Audio on a set of values we developed through decades of combined experience in high-end audio - as manufacturers, dealers and, most importantly, as customers ourselves. We asked ourselves what worked from a technical standpoint, and what didn't. We asked ourselves what products had made us thrilled to be audiophiles, and what products had frustrated and annoyed us. And we asked ourselves how we could best accomplish our goal of producing audio products that would exceed the performance of even the most revered and legendary brands.

These are the values we practice with every new product design, every product we manufacture, and every interaction with our customers and dealers.