The new stuff!

New and notable product announcments and other news!

Magico A3

We the new Magico A3 speakers! Very exciting speaker.  The enclosure is made entirely from aluminum, unheard of at this price point.   Set up a listening appointment and prepare to be impressed! 

Used Gear and trade ins

Yes, we take trade ins!  If you have a great piece of desirable gear, we will take it on trade!  Easy, and hassle free!  Check out a used Vitus SIA-025, or the VAC Phi 300.1.


Chord Blue MKii M-Scaler / Chord DAVE DAC

Pair this with the Chord DAVE DAC or other DAC and hold on!  Your digital files via USB or CD have never sounded this good.  Come demo 1,000,000 taps.  The M Scaler is out of control.

Naim Uniti Nova - All in one

The Naim Uniti Nova is a streamer, DAC, amp, pre-amp.  The build quality is amazing, and paired with a Focal Sopra No. 2 or a Magico A3,  it can't be beat.

Typhon QR Shunyata Triton.jpg

Shunyata TYPHON QR

The original HYDRA TYPHON was amazing. The new Typhon QR has added significant technology and performance advances.  A step closer into the stratosphere.


Magico M2

The all new Magico M2 is now availible for pre-order! Magico continues to lead the industry with their revolutionary graphene integration. Click below to learn about the new speaker tech 100 times stronger than steel!